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Living Life to the Fullest With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

“Many EDS patients have encountered healthcare professionals who dismissed their symptoms, offered ineffectual (or even harmful) treatments, or simply gave up on them. I was one of those EDS patients. I was fortunate to find physical therapist Kevin Muldowney. Kevin’s compassion, persistence, and analytical mind drove him to understand EDS and look for better ways to treat people who have EDS. In doing so, Kevin has re-defined the standard of care EDS patients can expect from physical therapists. Using his profound knowledge of biomechanics, Kevin has systematically tested and tweaked protocol and exercise routines for his EDS patients and designed a treatment program tailored to our needs. The program’s consistent end-results are joint stabilization, reduced pain, fewer physical limitations, and better quality of life. Kevin’s protocol allowed me to re-take control of my life and regain my ability to do the little things I love to do. I hope Kevin’s book will help your physical therapist do similar things for you.”

Rachel S.

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Frequently asked questions about “Living Life to the Fullest With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.”
Who should buy this book?

Any person with EDS or joint hypermobility syndrome:

• Who wants to feel better.

• Who is currently in physical therapy and their physical therapist does not know what to do with them.

• Who has already failed with physical therapy or who has been hurt previously in physical therapy.

• Who cannot find a physical therapist in their area who understands EDS.

• Anyone who thinks they cannot exercise because of their pain.

• All who have EDS or joint hypermobility syndrome who want to take one last chance at living life to the fullest with less pain.

How do I find a physical therapist in my area who knows how to treat EDS?

This is very difficult in most areas. Therefore, I did not write this book for a physical therapist who understands EDS. I wrote it for a manual physical therapist who is not familiar with EDS. My book will guide a physical therapist through the process of how to best help you achieve your goals. A manual physical therapist who is willing to follow the exercise protocol outlined in my book will help you just as well as a physical therapist who already understands EDS. In Section One of my book, I list what you should look for in a physical therapy practice. I also list what questions to ask the physical therapy facility before you book your first appointment. Choosing the right facility is just as important as finding the right physical therapist. Once you find the right manual physical therapist, they will align your joints using manual therapy techniques while you strengthen the muscles around the joints to stabilize them.

Click here to find an EDS support group near you. They will direct you to physical therapist in your area who know EDS and are using my book.


Do I have to begin with the sacroiliac joint protocol even though my neck hurts?

Yes! This is difficult to understand, but the sacroiliac joint is considered to be the keystone of the body. This means that if there is a problem with this joint, it will affect the joints above it (low back, mid back, neck, head, shoulders, wrists and hands) and below it (hips, knees, ankles and feet). You should never work on any body part before the sacroiliac joint is stabilized using my exercise protocol. If a physical therapist works on your mid back before your sacroiliac joint is properly aligned, soon after your mid back is fixed, it will be twisted again, causing your pain to return. The reason for this is, that if your sacroiliac joint is not aligned, when you stand up, you will have a scoliotic curve in your spine. This is referred to as an “apparent scoliosis” and is caused by your body’s compensation of the mal-aligned sacroiliac joint below. Until the sacroiliac joint is corrected, this apparent scoliosis will continue to exist. It is the apparent scoliosis which is the major cause of neck pain in most people with EDS. Until the apparent scoliosis is corrected, the neck will continue to have pain. Think of your body as a house. The sacrum and pelvis are the foundation of this house. Your mid back represents the walls of the house and your head and neck are the roof. Your neck can never be aligned as long as your foundation (sacrum and pelvis) is crooked. For those of you who have had treatment for neck and mid back pain and are not getting better, it is probably because the physical therapist did not fix your sacroiliac joint and low back first. Once they address your sacroiliac joint and low back per my protocol in Chapter Two of my book, then you can follow my Neck, Mid Back and Upper Extremity Protocol in Chapter Three to help your mid back pain. After this is completed, Chapter Four outlines exercises for the hips, knees, ankles and feet. By the end of the book, every joint will be stabilized due to these exercises. Click here to listen to my webinar entitled, “Sacroiliac Dysfunction in the EDS Population.”

I believe this book will help more people with EDS than I could have been able to help by myself. Everyone who cannot find a physical therapist to properly treat them or has a physical therapist who does not understand how to help them needs to buy this book today and begin the process of living a better life. Never let EDS interfere with your dreams.
Thank You,

Kevin Muldowney, MSPT

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Muldowney Physical Therapy has two locations, one in Cranston, RI and one in North Smithfield, RI. Both clinics are committed to treating people with EDS.


Owner, Kevin Muldowney, PT has been achieving excellent results with this population for many years now. He has developed a physical therapy protocol designed specifically to allow his patients to decrease their pain and increase their overall well-being. “Living Life to the Fullest With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome” walks you and your physical therapist through this protocol to follow in order for you to achieve the same results Kevin does when working with his patients. This book was written for a person with EDS to bring to their physical therapist so they could both systematically go through the protocol together. This book was written in a language you can understand and describes every subluxation in your body and what exercises are best to fix them. I also wrote sections of the book addressed to the physical therapist treating you which describe how they can help you while you are going through my exercise protocol. Anyone who has failed physical therapy in the past needs to buy my book and give physical therapy one more try. The results will be very different when using my book and protocol. The reason for this is that my book teaches both you and your physical therapist how to best treat you during each physical therapy session.

Chapter One describes in detail what is going on with your body that causes subluxations. It also gives you a list of other healthcare professionals who need to be on your healthcare team. Most of my patients copy this chapter and give it to their primary care physician so they can better understand how to help you. (Video is only view-able on desktop, not on Iphones/Ipads) Click here to hear Kevin’s webinar on SIJ Dysfunction.

Chapter Two begins explaining the exercises and taking you through Kevin’s physical therapy protocol. I divided the body into three sections. Chapters Two, Three and Four will go over each section of the body and explain how each joint subluxes and what exercises are needed to stabilize each joint. I also wrote a section in each chapter for the physical therapist explaining what techniques to use to decrease your pain while you are exercising. In my clinic, my patients who have completed my exercise protocol typically report a pain level of zero to one (out of ten) in their joints with all of their usual activities. I wrote this book so that you and your physical therapist could achieve the same success as my clinic has had for years. My goal is for everyone who buys my book to have decreased pain.

What makes the Muldowney Physical Therapy Protocol better than other protocols?
My protocol utilizes manual therapy techniques as well as specific exercises to slowly strengthen every joint in your body. Manual therapy techniques such as muscle energy, craniosacral therapy and myofascial release will be used by your physical therapist to help align your joints and decrease your pain. As your physical therapist is providing these manual therapy techniques, you will be following an exercise protocol designed by me and outlined in my book to slowly strengthen these joints. I have divided the body into three sections and have determined which areas need to be addressed first. Once an area of the body is stabilized, we move onto the next area of the body until every joint in the body is stabilized. By the end of my book, my goal is that you are in considerably less pain than you were when you started my protocol.

Is this just an exercise book for a physical therapist?

Absolutely not. This book was written to educate you, your physical therapist and your primary care physician about EDS. This book educates you about how your body works with EDS. Also, it explains to you what you need to do to take back your life. If you just give this book a try, I know it will help you.
This book educates your physical therapist by outlining your major problems and how they can help you. I tell them step by step what physical therapy techniques are most important for you to help you through the exercise protocol. All physical therapists want to help you, but they are afraid of hurting you. My book will take their fear away by educating them what to do with you so that they can concentrate on helping you.
My book will help your primary care physician by educating them on the many complex issues that are involved with EDS. I also listed for them the healthcare providers they can refer you to for specific problems. Finally, my book will legitimize your pain and tell other healthcare professionals it is real and not in your head and explain to them how to fix it.

How do I use the book once I buy it?

Once you buy the book, read the first chapter. Read only the sections listed, “For the person with EDS.” It will explain what is going on with your body and how to find a good physical therapist in your area. Next, make a copy of Chapter One for your primary care physician. This will help them better understand what issues need to be addressed for you. Also, it gives them a list of healthcare providers who are experts in treating your specific issues. With the help of your primary care physician, you will begin to develop a team to help you treat problems that affect your whole body. Next, once you find a physical therapist, have them read the sections in Chapter One entitled “For the Physical Therapist.” Then, both of you should read Chapter Two. Once both of you have read Chapters One and Two, begin the protocol. If your physical therapist is having trouble treating your sacroiliac joint, have them watch my webinar, “Sacroiliac Dysfunction in the EDS Population.” This will guide them through the muscle energy needed to align your sacroiliac joint. If they have any questions, they can post a question on my Facebook page. Do not be afraid to write in the book. That is why there is so much space in it. This will keep you organized while going through this protocol. Putting book marks on the exercise levels that you are currently working on in the protocol can help you easily access your exercises each day.

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