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We Specialize in Orthopedic Issues.

Neck Pain

Most neck pain is caused by poor posture.  This can be from many things such as school work, poor computer set up and poor reading posture.  Neck pain can range from either an achey, stiff feeling in the neck that you rub all the time, to a severe sharp pain in your neck that causes pain to radiate down your arms and into your hands.  Did you know that pain in your wrist, hands and fingers may not be caused by a problem with these areas, but can be caused by a pinched nerve in your neck?  Proper evaluation of your neck and mid back can help you with your neck pain as well as your arm, wrist, hand and finger pain.  If you have any of these symptoms, please give Muldowney Physical Therapy a call and we will get you in to assess your problem.

When I started PT in May, my neck bothered me so much I had trouble driving me car and would have a headache by the time I would get to work. I am no longer having headaches and have learned how to adjust my neck when the pain starts up again. Thank you Muldowney PT- in particular Kevin, Linda and Kathleen- you 3 are awesome!

Hip Pain

Pain in the hip can be caused by either arthritis, a labral tear or something called trochanteric bursitis.  If you have pain directly in the hip that radiates to your groin, this is usually due to some type of arthritic change or a labral tear.  But, if you have pain on the outside part of your hip that radiates down the side of your leg to your knee, you may have something called trochanteric bursitis.  This condition is sometimes misdiagnosed as low back pain or sciatica.  Take your fingers and poke on the outside part of your hip and if it causes you pain that shoots down the side of your leg, then you may have bursitis.  If you do have bursitis or any other kind of pain in your hip, call our clinic and we will be happy to help you.

Elbow Pain

If you have pain on the outside part of your elbow when you touch it, you may have what we call tennis elbow.  If you have pain on the inside part of your elbow when you touch it, you may have what we call golfer’s elbow.  Both of these conditions are due to repetitive motions which cause a tendonitis in the muscles around your elbow and forearm.  Place your arm straight out in front of you with your elbow straight.  Then, move your wrist down toward the floor.  If you have pain with this, then you may have tennis elbow.  Next, move your hand up toward the ceiling.  If you have pain with this motion, then you may have golfer’s elbow.  If you have either one of these conditions, give our clinic a call and we will get you in right away so we can help you.

Tennis Elbow

Golfer’s Elbow


Dizziness can be coming from many places including your brain due to a concussion, your neck, your TMJ, which is your jaw, or your inner ear.  Justin Laferrier is a professor at UConn and teaches in their Doctorate Physical Therapy Program.  He also works in our North Smithfield clinic.  Justin is excellent at diagnosing and treating people who have problems with dizziness.  If you have been having dizzy spells, first call your doctor to see if physical therapy can help your specific problem.  If they say yes, give our North Smithfield clinic a call and ask to be scheduled with Justin Laferrier to see if he can help you.

Shoulder Pain (Rotator Cuff)

The rotator cuff consists of four muscles that wrap around your shoulder to help give your shoulder stability while you are moving it.  The problem is, when your shoulders are forward due to poor posture, your rotator cuff muscles do not work as efficiently as they should.  Therefore, you will lose stability in your shoulder with overhead movement and may cause injury to the rotator cuff.  If you have an injury to your rotator cuff, you will have pain in your shoulder which can radiate down the outside part of your arm.  You may have pain at rest, but your pain will increase when you move your shoulder, especially with overhead projects.  If you have pain in your shoulder and you think you may have a rotator cuff problem, give our clinic a call and set up an appointment to see if we can help you.

When I first started going to Muldowney Physical Therapy I was unable to pitch due to a lot of pain in my arm. Throughout my time at Muldowney Physical Therapy I did a lot of exercises with light weights and bands. Over time in my arm grew stronger and the pain got to be less and less to the point where it doesn’t hurt at all anymore.

Foot Pain

I would like to talk to you about pain in your foot, which is called plantar fasciitis.  Plantar fasciitis occurs when a ligament on the bottom of your foot called your plantar fascia gets irritated, causing pain on the bottom part of your heel.  This heel pain is usually more intense when you first wake up in the morning or first rise from a chair after sitting for a while and is usually relieved when you start to walk.  So if you are getting pain on the bottom part of your foot near your heel which is worse in the morning, but begins to improve as you continue to walk throughout the day, then you may have plantar fasciitis.  Give our clinic a call and we will set up an appointment to help you.

When I first hurt my calf, I was certain I would need surgery. The strain was the most severe strain I had experienced. The first two days I was only able to hobble around for short distances. I was very pleased that a couple appointments/week for a period of a month I was back to normal. Kathleen got my leg back to its normal self and also got me motivated to get back into shape. Thank you for everything!

Women’s Health

My name is Kathleen Muldowney and I am the owner of Muldowney Physical Therapy.  Muldowney Physical Therapy has just started a women’s health program.  Our therapist, Jessica Papa is in charge of this program.  Many women have problems controlling their pelvic floor.  This can be caused through the birthing process, a displaced tail bone due to a fall, or scar formation due to chemotherapy and radiation.  Jessica performs a treatment called myofascial release to help alleviate any scar formation from injury to the pelvic floor, then follows up the treatment with a Kegel program.
So, if you are a woman and are suffering from pelvic floor pain or incontinence, give Muldowney Physical Therapy a call and ask for Jessica Papa.  She would love to work with you to get rid of your pain and help you achieve a higher quality of life.  Thank you.

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