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Helpful hints to cope with EDS developed by my patients for you. Click Here

Are you tired of going to a physical therapy facility and meeting with a physical therapist, only to be disappointed that they do not know how to help you? Then, Muldowney Physical Therapy is the right facility for you.

Muldowney Physical Therapy is redefining how physical therapy should be performed with the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) population.

Our staff is devoted to helping people with EDS live a better life through manual therapy, physical therapy education and exercise. The owner of Muldowney Physical Therapy, Kevin Muldowney, PT, has been treating people with EDS for many years. Over the years, he has observed many similarities among people with EDS when it comes to exercises. Based on his years of treating this population, Kevin has figured out what physical therapy techniques help these patients best, as well as what techniques can hurt these patients. Kevin has developed a physical therapy protocol for the EDS population unlike any other protocol in existence today. Since 2010, every patient who has gone through Kevin’s protocol has achieved significant improvement in their overall function and health.

Olivia is being discharged from Muldowney Physical Therapy. She has gone from constant pain, dislocations and subluxations to pain free. She is able to walk about ½ mile and can do light work around the house. Please recommend Muldowney Physical Therapy to anyone with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome or suspected EDS. Thank you!
“I was born with a rare condition called Ehlers Danlos. It wasn’t until I was 54 years old to be properly diagnosed. Once the diagnoses became clear, the best thing for me to do was to find a physical therapist that was able to work with me to help me with better quality of life. There was not to be a cure for me, but there were things I could do to better my life. I needed someone that would hang in with me and not be discouraged with the many ups and downs this condition presents.
I was lucky to be referred to Kevin three years ago. Upon meeting him, it was clear he had already taken the time to research my condition out. He has now worked with me through six surgeries in these past years. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to work with someone that is so compassionate, intelligent and always willing to think outside the box to try to offer me relief with joints that keep subluxing and recoveries that take months. On top of that, it is always a pleasure to spend time with him. He is extremely personable and truly loves his job.
I would highly encourage you to refer your patients to him. Like me, they will not be disappointed with what they receive – good care, kindness and a person that is willing to figure out how to give you the help you need to move forward with your life. You will not regret this referral and his commitment to keeping you informed and helping your patient.”

What separates Muldowney Physical Therapy from other physical therapy facilities?

We get patients with EDS better! 
“As most everyone else who has been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, I have spent many doctor and physical therapy appointments being the one who had to educate the very person I had been referred to, had looked to, for help and answers – only to be disappointed when they had nothing to offer me. When I was first referred to Muldowney Physical Therapy, I was expecting the same thing to happen – I would be the educator, and not much would be offered in the way of help. With Kevin, not only was help offered, but – more importantly – HOPE. As one who hates exercising, because it has always meant an increase in pain and mobility problems in the past, I have found the protocol very ‘do-able’ because of the slow, steady pace. Following Kevin’s exercise protocol has brought my chronic pain level down to a 1/10, which I have not experienced for decades. It has also given me a step-by-step planned guide to build up my strength and it has helped me deal with my setbacks when falls and problems occur. Now, instead of Ehlers-Danlos having a grip on me and my life with a steady decline and no relief to expect for my future, I can live my life with strength and hope as a person who just happens to also have EDS. Thanks, Kevin!” 
D.W. (Patient Testimonial)


We work closely with other healthcare providers in Rhode Island to help address all of your health issues.
By using his protocol, Kevin can differentiate whether or not a person with EDS should be seen by another healthcare provider besides a physical therapist. Not all issues related to EDS can be helped with physical therapy. This is why Muldowney Physical Therapy works closely with other healthcare providers who are equally dedicated to helping this population. We will also educate your primary care physician about EDS so they can refer you to the appropriate specialist if necessary.


What should a person with EDS expect from Muldowney Physical Therapy?

After the first three visits, you will understand that we provide services that you never thought possible with your condition. It begins with a one and a half hour evaluation by a physical therapist who explains to you how EDS affects your body, not the other way around. We take a complete history and listen to you as you explain the many issues you may be experiencing. We never judge you and we explain how each issue might affect your physical therapy experience. We will then evaluate your body and explain our philosophy in treating the EDS population. When you leave, you will have a much better understanding of what is going on with your body and how we will help you.
On the second visit, we will begin to align your joints and instruct you in specific exercises for the area we are treating. This will help to stabilize your joints, which will allow you to feel better immediately after the second visit. 
On the third visit, you will bring a family member to our facility and we will show them how to align your low back so you can feel relief every day.
By the fourth visit, you will feel relieved that you finally found the place that understands your condition and will take care of you!

Where are we located?

We currently have two locations. Our main facility is centrally located in Cranston, RI. Everyone in Rhode Island has less than an hour drive to this office. Every staff member in this facility has been trained personally by Kevin Muldowney on how to use the Muldowney EDS protocol. This way, every physical therapist understands EDS at a high level and can assist you with any questions. Since our practice is devoted to helping patients with EDS, you will have an opportunity to meet with other people who have EDS at various stages of our protocol. They can provide you with support as you go through the protocol.

Main facility location: 667 Atwood Avenue, Cranston, RI 02920. Our phone number is (401) 270-2211 and our fax number is (401) 270-3995.
We have a second location in North Smithfield, RI in order to service the communities of Northern Rhode Island, Southern Massachusetts, Northeastern Connecticut and the Boston area. This office is less than an hour drive from Boston. Now, people with EDS in these areas can receive the same high quality of care as people in Rhode Island do. If you have had bad experiences with physical therapy in the past and live in these areas, then our North Smithfield office is right for you.

Second facility location: 261 Main Street, Unit 202, North Smithfield, RI 02896. Our phone number is (401) 766-0022 and our fax number is (401) 766-0045.

Three Options For a Person With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

To Allow Muldowney Physical Therapy To Help Them
Muldowney Physical Therapy is one of the leaders in treating people with Ehlers-
Danlos Syndrome.  Currently, we have three treatment options for people with EDS who
want us to help them.  Please read the options below and see which one is best for you.
Thank you.

Option One For MPT To Help You

The first option is for people who want to become a patient at one of our facilities.  We currently have two locations.  One facility is located in Cranston, Rhode Island and the other facility is located in North Smithfield, Rhode Island.   Both facilities are dedicated to helping people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome achieve a higher quality of life.  What you need to do is call either one of our facilities and ask the receptionist what you need in order to become a patient at our facility.  They will explain to you that you need a doctor’s referral for physical therapy.   They will also take down your insurance information and call your insurance company to confirm your benefits.  Once you get the referral from your doctor for physical therapy, we will schedule you for an hour and a half comprehensive evaluation and follow-up appointments two times a week until you feel better.  This option allows myself as well as my staff and to monitor your progress through the entire treatment process.  We will walk you through our entire Muldowney Physical Therapy protocol as well as contact any healthcare professionals who need to address your other health care issues.  This option allows both myself and my staff to be there during your entire journey.
So, if you would like to become a patient at one of our facilities, call today so we can get you in as quickly as possible.  Thank you.

Option Two For MPT To Help You

My second option is for people with EDS who have a physical therapist who is treating them, but who wants me to evaluate their entire body to give their physical therapist some guidance.  This option is a one-time, three-hour evaluation by me of your entire body in which I will list all of the dysfunctions and subluxations for your physical therapist in order for them to treat you.  I will also treat your SI joint, since this is the first area your physical therapist needs to work on and then video tape all of the corrections I did on your sacrum and pelvis in order to assist your physical therapist to begin working on you in Chapter Two of my book.  When you leave my facility, you will have a list of every issue in your body as well as a list of other health care providers you should contact for other issues.  You will also have a video on your phone of me correcting your SI joint so that your physical therapist can review this and begin Chapter Two with you immediately.  I believe this is a good option for people who have a good manual physical therapist at home who does not understand EDS and would like some guidance from me in order to progress you through my exercise protocol.
If this seems to be a good option for you, call one of my clinics today and ask for the three-hour evaluation option for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome patients.  Thank you.

Option Three For MPT To Help You

My third option for people with EDS is a package of an evaluation and six follow-up visits through the entire course of their treatment plan.  This option is for people who have a physical therapist at home who wants to help them, but is unfamiliar with manual physical therapy and how to decrease your subluxations and spasms.  You will need to purchase my book, then call my clinic and schedule an evaluation and two follow-up appointments.   On the first appointment with me, I will do an evaluation of your entire body and list all the dysfunctions for your physical therapist.  On the second day, I will treat your low back and SI joint and go over level one mat exercises with you to make sure you are doing these exercises properly.  On the third day, I will instruct one of your family members how to fix your SI joint at home and video tape these procedures on your phone in order for your physical therapist to review them  and be able to treat you with the correct  manual physical therapy techniques for your specific issues.  You will then return home and both you and your physical therapist will go through Chapter Two of my book together.  Once you have completed Chapter Two of my book, you will come back to my clinic for two additional visits before you start Chapter Three.  On the first day, I will treat your mid back, neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists and on the second day, I will video tape all the manual therapy techniques that will help your specific issues in these areas in order for your physical therapist to work on these areas to help decrease your pain.  Once you have completed Chapter Three of my book, you will come back to my facility once again for the final two appointments with me.  On the first day, I will treat your hips, knees, ankles and feet.  On the second day I will video tape all of my manual therapy techniques for these areas for your physical therapist.  At this point, you will have all the manual therapy techniques that your physical therapist will need in order to help you at home.  By now, your physical therapist should be well educated on how to specifically help your problems.  This way, if you have problems in the future, you will always have someone near you who can help you get through any issues you may have.  I believe this is a great option for people with EDS who need a physical therapist close to them, but does not have someone who understands the manual therapy techniques that will help them get through my protocol.
If you want to take advantage of this option, call my clinic and tell them you want Option Three, which is an evaluation and six follow-up treatments through the course of your entire treatment plan and they will set that up for you.  Thank you.

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